Spring Break with Bikes

Little 500 is this unique college cycling race. Teams of four undergraduates do a relay bike race around a cinder track, competing for rings. I didn't ride on race day, but I did get to be a part of a team of amazing women. I made some of my best friends, learned a lot about myself, and learned a little about bikes.

After my year on Ski, I came back with Blueline as an intern to take photos of Little 5 teams. This was perfect, because it combined two things I love, cycling and photography. I am lucky enough to be able to pop to the track to see my old teammates and be able to see them grow and evolve as a team. I'm incredibly proud of all of the girls on the team and thankful I get to see them practice for another year. 

During Spring Break, the track is open for practice, so most teams stay in town. I was able to go to the track after work the other day and catch Ski and Cutters (Sam's former team) as they worked.