Leif Erikson

While Sam and I were still getting our bearings around town, we decided to explore a bit of the Leif Erikson Drive Trail. 


Sam rode bikes up here with some new friends the other day and I was itching to be around trees. That's something I already love about this city, that you can escape into trees and feel so far from the the buildings and the bustle in just ten or so minutes.

We walked past three women picking blackberries and decided to have a little snack of our own. Sam claims this was the first time he tried a blackberry (it's not-I have given him blackberries several times before this and he claimed he didn't like them) and he fell in love. Now he buys a pack every time we go to the store and even muddles them up into sparkling water. He claims he's been converted because of the taste of the wild blackberries. Either way, I'm fine with it. I'm a strong supporter of more berries in the house at all times.