Portland Trophy Cup

I went to my first cross race this week. At the Portland International Raceway there is a weekly series called the Portland Trophy Cup.  Last week was canceled due to the bad air quality from the fires around Portland, so this was the first week in the series! We went to check it out, have a beer, and take photos (me).

It was the perfect weather with a little breeze floating through. It took me back to all the soccer games during fall growing up. With a pear cider and my overalls, it was the best evening, and the sunset made the perfect backdrop for the end of the races.

Sam was impressed by the amount of women riders that were racing. I was too. Coming from Bloomington, I saw a lot of women during Little 500, but outside of that many races only have a handful of women. There were women of all ages and skill levels for this race and I loved it!