2018 Women's Little 500

I was luckily able to go home for another Little 500 this year. If you don't know what it is, look here: https://iusf.indiana.edu/little500/ or you can watch Breaking Away (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL3U44It_No).  

It's such a wonderful weekend to get to go back to campus and be back on the track with friends and family. My SKI girls did amazing and I am so proud of them. Sam's team, the Cutters, won the men's race. 

A lot of bikes, all of our favorite Bloomington spots, a dance party, several lovely dinners, tears, and laughter all wrapped up in one weekend.  Here are some photos from the 2018 Little 500 Women's Race on Friday, April 20.

2018- Women's Little 500-20.jpg


Women's Little 500

2018- Women's Little 500-6.jpg

Back Home Again 

in Indiana

2018- Women's Little 500-3.jpg
2018- Women's Little 500-8.jpg
2018- Women's Little 500-2.jpg
2018- Women's Little 500-7.jpg