Rowena Crest

May is the time for flowers. This weekend my friend invited me to go up to Rowena Crest to enjoy the sunshine, stretch our legs and lungs, and see the blooms. We drove a bit over an hour to the town of Mosier, Oregon to get up to Rowena Crest. You can see more about this area on Oregon Hiker's Guide here.

When the clouds allowed, we could see Mount Adams across the river. As we hiked up the trail, Mount Hood stood shining and we were so elated to see the peak. After the rainy winter, it's such a treat when the skies clear enough to see the mountains.

The trail wasn't too difficult, but did make us huff and puff a bit at first. The views were definitely worth it, though, and the overall hike didn't take too long. We picnicked at the top with melty brie cheese and berries.