A Break from the Rain

A few Saturdays ago Sam and I walked down to the Farmer's Market when we luckily were given a couple hours without rain. It's rained an incredible amount lately in Bloomington and we have been searching for a little sun. We stopped at the market to get a snack, some coffee from Uel Zing, and a refill of local honey. The market is right on the B-Line, a blacktop trail that spans a few miles through downtown, which is perfect for strolling on nice days or for short runs. The B-Line is one of my favorite parts of downtown for running a couple miles after work. After walking through the market, we continued on down to Salt Creek Cycles before flipping around and heading home. I made Sam model for me, of course. It was the perfect shade of green out, where the rain makes the leaves of the trees a bit more vibrant, and you just want to soak it in. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures.