On a Sunday

One third of our household was sick this past week so we weren't too active. The weather on Sunday, though, begged for some sort of adventure. We drove out to Lake Lemon to watch the water thaw and enjoy the sunlight. The edges of the lake were semi-frozen and the waves hitting the ice made a unique sound. Sam tried to walk down the rocky shore to get a closer look, while I hung back to just listen and take photos.


I love going out to Lake Lemon. I once took a sailing class in undergrad that met for 8 weeks out on the water.  It was intimidating at first, but also a wonderful experience. My father loves sailing and I remember going a few times as a child, but it's something else to learn on your own, especially when you get to be harnessed and lean out over the waves to balance the boat. Every time I drive back out there, I'm reminded of taking a class out of my comfort zone and how I should keep pushing myself.