We decided to fly into Paris to start our trip. Our friend, Jane, who lives in Germany was able to join us on the whole trip. We booked an AirBnB up in Montmartre, which was such a great choice. It required a lot of walking up stairs, but the views of the city and the atmosphere of the neighborhood made it completely worth every step.

We flew in, having slept only a little, and trekked our way to the train station to meet Jane. We then walked the two km or so to Montmartre from where we met Jane. Paris was rainy and partly cloudy most of the time we were there, but the sun decided to shine as we pushed our way up the hill with our large backpacks. I packed significantly better on this trip than prior trips, but I still overpacked and had too heavy of a backpack for the hills. We made it up to see the beautiful Sacré-Cœur and paused briefly to catch our breath and take initial photos before going to the flat. 

After dropping our bags off and refreshing, we decided to wander around the neighborhood and down through the city. I had been to Paris for three days before this during the year that I studied abroad. We stayed in a different arrondissement then, so it was neat to stay up in Montmartre and walk down through the streets. The buildings in Paris and the way the city was developed pulls at my heart. I am one of the lovers of Paris and it was such a high to be back. We had a few expectations for the first stop on our trip. We wanted to go to Versailles, see the Louvre, probably see the Eiffel Tower, and eat cheese.